Get the classic novel Dracula delivered to your email inbox, as it happens.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is an epistolary novel - it’s made up of letters, diaries, telegrams, newspaper clippings - and every part of it has a date. The whole story happens between May 3 and November 10. So: Dracula Daily will post a newsletter each day that something happens to the characters, in the same timeline that it happens to them.

Now you can read the book via email, in small digestible chunks - as it happens to the characters.

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Q. When does it start?
A. The first entry is on May 3. That’s when you’ll get the first email!

Q. When does it end?
A. The last entry is November 7.

Q. You’re going to email the whole book?
A. Yes, in small bits at a time! Some days there’s a lot of activity, some days just a few sentences, and many days nothing at all. You’ll only get an email when there’s action taking place in the book.

Q. It’s free?
A. It’s free.

Q. What if I join after May 3?
A. That’s OK! You’ll still get the daily posts as they happen, and you can check out the archive to catch up. Or grab a copy from your library or local book store to catch up!

Q. Why wouldn’t I just read the book already?
A. You can! It’s a page turner. Grab it from your library or a local bookstore. But the email offers a quick-and-easy way to read it, in small bites.

Q. What happens if I fall behind?
A. That’s fine - you’ll have the story delivered to you in order. Plus you can read the past emails here on the site.

Q. Who are you?
A. Dracula Daily is run by Matt Kirkland, as a part of Studio Kirkland, our family brand of silly side projects. I’m also a founder at Brand New Box, a digital product studio that builds new superpowers for teams.

Q. I have another question.
A. Sure - email


Get the classic novel Dracula delivered to your email inbox, as it happens.